Shay Welch (auth.)'s A Theory of Freedom: Feminism and the Social Contract PDF

By Shay Welch (auth.)

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This ebook deals a liberatory perception of person freedom that uniquely responds to the issues of social oppression and calls for of the interrelatedness insofar because it pertains in particular to the social area of activity.

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This form of domination reduces the individual’s self-esteem so that there is no need for an external oppressor. Once individuals internalize these valuations, they oppress themselves by adhering to norms of inferiority. Change to psychological oppression is not experienced or recognized by individuals as a form of oppression; it is seen as a personal defect. However, they also feel that this is not who they are, and so experience internal conflicts that are believed to indicate neurosis. Individuals begin to police themselves in accordance with the distortions and become internally defeated and distracted with their own supposed shortcomings.

In a sense, the agent engages in a give-and-take between her simple and social forms of individual freedom. Additionally, analyses of toleration do not clearly distinguish between hostility and indifference. This difference is significant because it helps the individual gauge how to engage the tolerant receiver. It is practically crucial and difficult to determine whether someone is hostile or indifferent to the speaker when toleration underlies the exchange, especially in oppressive relations.

In doing so, a tension arises between women’s claims for same treatment and those for different treatment, and women come off as inconsistent and hypocritical. But, MacKinnon argues, there is no underlying tension since both claims are reducible to difference—difference from men. Men are set as the standard insofar as women must show either their sameness as or distinctness from men to eliminate discriminatory practices. Either way, the gender relation is patriarchal precisely because “gender neutrality” is actually the male standard.

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