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Examples: 23. ’ 24. 6. 2, respectively. The following table provides a summary of the gender marking morphemes in Dime. No word class 1. 2 3. Pronouns Demonstratives Adjectives Gender marker M F -u -a -u -a -ub -ind 4. 4 Number Nouns and noun phrases make singular and plural distinction. Singular is morphologically unmarked; plural is marked by the suffix -af. That a head noun is plural can be also inferred from the morpheme –id which is suffixed to modifiers of plural nouns. Generally, –af is suffixed to the noun base, preceding the definite marker –is and/or case marking morphemes.

Xo ‘love’ zaVim ‘tortoise’ /X/ ----- keXim ‘dream’ /Â/ ----- /h/ hamze⁄ ‘birth place’ na⁄Âe ‘water’ ge⁄he⁄ ‘push’ /s/ /z/ Geminate ----- ----/o⁄⁄lo⁄X ‘quick’ mEh ‘money’ ----- /o⁄llo⁄Xya ‘slowly’ p’e⁄lX´nÎ ‘lightning’ ----- g´⁄Âc‹’e ‘chin’ ----- ----- ----- ----- Table-4: Fricatives and their distribution There are ten pulmonic fricative consonants in Dime. The segment f appears in every position except as a geminate. The fricative consonants s, z, s# are found in every position. The sibilant z# does not occur in pre-consonantal positions.

Chapter 2 14 19. ts is a voiceless alveolar affricate. No geminate form is attested. /itse⁄ ‘teeth’ ni⁄ts ‘boy’ tseki ‘large’ tsase ‘towards there’ 20. c‹ is an alveo-palatal affricate c‹u⁄u⁄ ‘bottom’ bac# ‘year’ /i⁄s#Èn‹c‹i ‘think’ gic#c#o ‘big’ 21. dZ is a voiced palatal affricate. dZ is not attested word finally and no example is recorded with a geminate dZ. dZa⁄ e⁄ ‘throw’ /a⁄nko⁄dZa⁄Ve ‘arm pit’ dZi⁄gi ’sew’ 22. c‹’ is a palatal affricate ejective c‹’i⁄i c‹’ ‘cloud’ g´Âc‹’e⁄ ‘chin’ 23. y is a voiced palatal glide y´Xna⁄m ‘farm’ yika⁄y ‘not/none’ nayi ‘hyena’ /iyyi ‘person’ 24.

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