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By Meredith Ann Pierce

ISBN-10: 0316067253

ISBN-13: 9780316067256

Booklet of the Darkangel Trilogy! Aeriel has damaged the spell at the vampiric darkangel referred to as Irrylath and lower back him to his human shape, however the White Witch maintains to hang-out his desires. to save lots of her love and the realm they dwell in, Aeriel units off on a quest around the Sea-of-Dust, to resolve a mysterious riddle and assemble six magical steeds. Pursued by means of the White Witch and haunted by way of her six last darkangels, the previous slave woman seeks out an old oracle who can assist her give you the option to defeat her enemies.

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Galnor and Nat retired to the hearth. Aeriel lifted her ban-dolyn. She had meant to tell them some tale she had learned in Isternes, of Syllva, perhaps, and her chieftain Imrahil, but the guests—above the keening from without— roared for a tale of fantastical beasts. So she told them the tale of the darkangel. Sometimes singing and sometimes speaking, Aeriel spoke of a Terrainean girl who followed her mistress to the darkangel's keep, of the vampyre's withered brides, the wraiths, and of the weird gargoyles that were his watchdogs.

You do not look as though you have tasted food since you left me. " She reached into her pack. "More sorceries," a woman cried. " "A dagger—" "It's just a plum," murmured Nat, coming away from Galnor a little. Aeriel dusted the fine fuzz from the apricok, held it out. The gargoyle ate eagerly, almost desperately, strained to swallow against the collar about its throat. Its grey tongue slavered, catching the runnels of blood-colored juice. When she held only the clean stone in her hand, the gargoyle set its lips to it, gnawing at it, but Aeriel drew it gently away.

Her companion caught all six olives then, seemingly at once. He tossed three to Nat, who offered Aeriel one. Aeriel accepted gratefully, bit into the dark, salty flesh. Her hunger and thirst were beginning to return. She laid her bandolyn upon the floor and glanced about to see when supper might be served. Outside, the light of setting Sol-star was growing very dim. Aeriel felt the evening chill even so near the fire. Servers began to close and bar the shutters. Torches were lit, the outer door drawn shut.

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