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20 The lack of melodic decorum in the contratenor is one of the most characteristic features of early fifteenth-century music. 30 Subgenre, interpretation, and the generic repertory     Faster motion in one voice makes it dominate the texture; slower motion suggests a supporting role, but also often indicates use of pre-existent material. Generally if one voice is faster than the others it is the top voice; if one is slower than the others it is on the bottom or middle. Two voices in the same range (two discantus parts, for example, or tenor and contratenor) often have the same kind of rhythmic motion (unless the tenor is a long-note cantus firmus).

Thus in the mid-fifteenth century / ) become four-voice motets with two partes in contrasting mensurations (OC fairly common.

The texts of the motet belong to many different literary genres, each with its own traditions and associations. Genres of text and musical subgenres are conjoined in complex ways. Some text types, such as the laudatory political text, tend to be set in one particular way: as large-scale isorhythmic motets in the early fifteenth century,9 or later as four- and five-voice tenor motets. Others, such as the four main Marian antiphons, are set in every conceivable way, from the most intimate song motet to the largest tenor motet.

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